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Hailing from India and resident of UAE Ayisha is driven by her passion to spread peace and love across the world through her unique soulful singing. Her ardent desire is to produce music that can fill people’s hearts and minds with peace and love. This she believes is a sure and strong medium through which a peaceful society may be built.

A devotional singer collaborating with various artistes across the world, Ayisha‘s soulful Chants and Spiritual songs have brought tears to the eyes of millions and peace to the hearts of one and all.

Find Me On

Find Me On

First video on Youtube : Assubuhu Bada Min

Video LinkDec,2014

Released first major hit : Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah

Album LinkApr, 2016

Release of first ever Single – Tasbih

Album LinkNov,

Release of Muhammad Nabina

Album LinkNov, 2020

Release of 2nd Independent Single – Dua’

Album LinkApr, 2022

Salaam | Ayisha Abdul Basith, Salim Sulaiman | Kamal Haji

Read MoreNov 09, 2017

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